Non-Profit Terms & Conditions

Non-Profit Terms & Conditions services are opened to Canadian Registered Charities with proof of Registration form the Canada Revenue Agency.


Non-Profit organizations must agree to the following terms:

Organizations must be willing to provide and supply all information for the purposes of creating a testimonial to the project.
Organizations must place or recognize as the donator of the services somewhere on their website.
Organizations gives the right to use the non-profit organization on our website for marketing purposes.

Organizations must agree that providing services that is on a ‘free service’ basis that (i) it does not prevent from providing services or interfere with their every day to day clients (ii) by increasing the time or work to provide the service and (iii) comply with the terms and conditions of work laid out in the contract upon approval by (iv) and that no costs shall be incurred by what’s-so-ever.

To be eligible for our free services, you must meet the following requirements*:

Your organization must be registered as a non-profit organization within Canada. You must submit a Canadian Charitable Letter issued by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Your primary organization purpose is strictly charitable, and non-profit. Your purpose is non-religious (houses of worships with sole religious curriculum such as seminaries or to raise religious awareness are not eligible). Your organization must be, non-political. You are not an individual. Your organization cannot be promoting any athletic teams, sports, events, competitions, or tournaments unless fund raising activities are for charitable purposes only, for example, ‘jump rope for heart & stroke’.

Your organization is not a trade, financial, sector association, or any other organization raising charitable services for the purposes of prizes, auctions, advertisement, and promotions for the marketing purposes.

Your organization is not to promote conferences or seminars unless it is to promote non-profit.

You do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, language, ethnic, religious affiliations, gender, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, physical appearance, disability, veteran, or educational background status.

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