The 10 Most Popular Web Colours

Colours are one of the most important part of any web design. Colour is so important because it can create an impression of emotion and style on the website such as a positive or a negative experience, a calming effect, a fun effect or even a royalty, nobility and prestige effect! Have you ever wondered why blue is the most popular among website’s today? Read on to find out the 10 most popular web colors used in Web Design today and their meanings.


Blue being the most popular choice and used quite frequently on website’s. It is the choice color for most large corporations like banks, airlines, hospitals and vacation sites and is most popular among males. It symbolizes loyalty, wisdom, trust and strength. Blue is a cool calming color that shows intelligence, creativity, and displays the power of technology, cleanliness, and air. Blue is the colour of water and the sky. Blue pumps people up as it is proven to increase energy, such as weight lifters in a blue room. When blue is mixed with white it shows peace and spirituality, and has an emphasizes of simplicity and cleanliness. Blue is not a very good color for hospitals. Blue has a negative meaning of depression and indifference.


Black sometimes is related to binding, anger, mystery, sinful, inhuman, devilish, unhappiness, fear, deep sadness and can negatively portray depressing, scary, evil, monstrous, horrible, funereal and death. It has a imagery of a “black list” or “black hole”. Black can also portray a class of elegance, classy and wealth. Black also symbolizes the power of eternity and depth. Black is a colour that can fit into any design. It adds contrast and type to make other colors stand out.


White is often associated with piece, purity, clean, spirituality, virginal, sterility, divinity, pure, perfection, security, unity and self achievement. White will very nicely emphasize other colours and give the impression of simplicity and cleanliness. It is a universal color for peace and has a negative meaning of cold. White represents snow, frost, and milk. White is used for non-profit organizations and charities to denote good and positive. White is also associated to hospitals, doctors and heavenly. One colour plus white equals an almost full proof color scheme. Black or dark text is easily read on white.


Red symbolizes many things from passion, aggressiveness, power, blood, love and infatuation. It symbolizes strong emotions such as excitement, energy, strength, passion, danger and aggression. Red helps stimulate the energy. Red is the color of blood and fire which represents life and vitality. Red is looked upon as a sensual colour and signifies the colour of the sun, which is a symbol of energy. Red has a productivity effect. It is used a lot in restaurants as it makes you hungry by increasing your body’s metabolism.


Green represents growth, money, nature, fertility, greed and safety. It is the color of natural taste, refreshing, healing and calm. Green can be a relaxing colour that is easy on the eyes. It is often used in herbal, pharmaceutical, nutritional and health care companies. Dark green is often associated with military, finance, banking and money. Green is becoming a more popular choice for website’s.


Yellow represents youth, fun, happiness, sunshine, playful feelings, intelligence, optimism and joy. Yellow has a cheerful energetic colour and is the brightest colour to the human eye. Yellow can simulate mental activity. Yellow is often used in blog sites, and children’s toys and clothing to emphasize on feelings of childish and happiness. Yellow is difficult to read when placed on a white background. Yellow can also have some negative effects such as when you get older; you start to dislike yellow because it tends to make you feel anxious or angry. Babies cry more often and longer in yellow rooms.


Orange represents fire, fun, confident, adventurous, sociable, creative, sun, warmth and tropical, and symbolizes enthusiasm. It has a sense of openness and is considered a fun colour. Orange is highly accepted among young people and simulates mental activity, therefore used on blog sites. Orange is often associated with healthy foods because it simulates appetite. Orange has a negative meaning of lies and ignorance and not a colour that everyone loves. Those who love orange, generally are social and fun loving.


Throughout history, purple has been associated with royalty, prestige, nobility, intelligence, beauty, sophistication, high rank, princely and wealth. It can also show high aspirations, mystery, empathy, trust, intuition, and magic. Purple is often used to portray leaders, wizards, magicians and powerful kings. Light or bright purple combined with yellow is commonly used when promoting to the young or children’s products and gives the appearance of fun, easy and fantasy. Purple combined with pink is popular among young teenage girls. Purple also has a negative side of sadness. Most men dislike purple.


Pink represents health, love, sympathy, spring, gifts, appreciations, marriage, sweetness, youth and femininity. Pink symbolizes affection, love, friendship, trust, peace, and feelings of sweet and beautiful. Pink also has a negative side of naive, weakness, homosexuality, bisexuality and shortcomings. Pink is known to treat patients suffering from headache and disorders. Jail cells use pink to calm their prisoners. Pink can make one feel a bit papered.


Brown represents friendship, warm, earth, reliability, peace, productivity, materialistic thinking, practical and hard work. Brown is the colour of our earth and is associated with all things natural and organic, and gives you the feeling of relaxation and home coming. Coffee browns symbolize sophistication, richness, and robustness. Brown can mix into many surroundings. Some shades of brown create a warm comfortable feeling of dependability, family-life and loyal friends. In Business, brown is associated with strength, solidarity, comfort, maturity and reliability. Many men love brown due to its strength, security and practicality. Brown has a negative meaning of pressed personality and associated with the material side of life, dirty, too serious and passive.