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Nothing is more frustrating then to discover that once the entire application is built, you discover there are many more changes required or there might be some missing components that you may not have thought of during the initial planning. Building your custom application piece by piece will not only save you time and money, but it is also a great way to ensure you get your site customized according to your specifications, and accomplish your goal to make that perfect website that you had envisioned all along.

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Database Development

A database consists of an organized collection of data. Database development is the development of creating and managing systems to provide effective and efficient ways to facilitate store, retrieve, modify, delete and access to the stored collection of data on a database.

MySQL, and Microsoft Office Access are the worlds most popular open source relational database management systems. It allows you to create a relational database structure on a web-server. Microsoft Office Access has been around for a long time and is part of some versions of the Microsoft Office Suite. It is a database management system from Microsoft which has the look and feel of other Microsoft office products.

Most website's are static, which means that the content will never change unless the website is updated or the code has been changed. This can be very risky and difficult if this task is taken on by someone without coding or HTML knowledge. If you are planning on an interactive website, where changes are necessary and you need things such as on-line applications, forms, and even purchases, then this is where database development can benefit your business. A database driven website allows for an interactive website and gives you the freedom without needing the help of a professional web developer and allows you to maintain that website.

Content Management Systems

A Website Content Management Systems is a stand-alone application used to manage, store, create and deploy content on Web pages. A Website Content Management System allows the user to interact with the website in several ways such as creating content, adding images, schedules and making adjustments to the content in each area of the website without altering the structure of the website design itself. The structure can also be adjusted for additional functionality with no physical changes to the content or the design.

The CMS provides a simple graphical interface for the users with no web design or HTML knowledge or experience required. Restricted configurable access allows for assigned user roles and permissions which help prevent unauthorized content and editing changes. The design is well preserved because the content is stored separately in a database which is separate from the design. Dynamic content such as shopping applications, forums, and blog website's can be easily integrated into the Content Management System.


Every web site is created exclusively for your business so it would be impossible to have set prices.  Custom applications such as Java, PHP, ASP, Database Development such as MySQL and Access Database Design, and miscellaneous services such as image altering/optimization and photo enhancement services are by consultation only.  PHP is a wide-used scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML and MySql is one of the most famous databases which offer fast and consistent performance.

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