What is a Web Designer

The look and feel of the website, also referred to the “front-end” of the website is the job of the web designer specialist. This is the page where your visitors will see the dynamic menus, flash , and all the bells and whistles of the website. The aesthetic part of the website, what the user sees on the website, is offered by the web designer

The content of a website is a pretty good job description of a Web Designer. It is a very important for the success of the business. The website needs to be explicit and explain the products and services your website is trying to portray. The job of the Web Designer must have a strong background in website design, web marketing or information technology. Web designer’s must the ability to write HTML and CSS codes, and have a knowledge of Adobe Master Suite collections, JavaScript and underlying web technologies. Some familiarity and experience with search engine optimization techniques and web marketing strategies are a plus. Web designers must communicate with clients and provide technical support to solve website-related problems. Web designers should give clear feedback and suggestions to improve existing and newly developing websites. Web designers ensure that creative elements are inline with brand requirements by interpreting the creative ‘look’ of each promotion and builds and develops layouts of those materials. Design, develop, create and produce web and graphics using graphic design software.

Web designers can freelance and set their own hours, or often work full-time in an office with a team of designers. Web Designer’s must be able to learn new tools and software very quickly. They must have the ability to mufti-task to manage more than one project at a time. They must have an eye for detail to ensure clients are satisfied with the final websites.